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Faux Saltwort in Distressed Patterned Ceramic Vase

$ 74.99 USD

Decorative ornamental grasses and succulents have become increasingly popular.  Bring them indoors with this easy-to-care-for faux saltwort (land seaweed) arrangement. The PE plant is flexible and can easily be shaped, and is securely "potted" in a distressed patterned ceramic vase (6-3/4" tall x 5" diameter).  The overall arrangement dimensions are measured leaf tip to leaf tip, bottom of planter to tallest leaf tip: 8" diameter x 17" tall.  Each arrangement is handcrafted, so the piece your receive may vary slightly from the pictured product.  Measurements are approximate, and will be determined by your final shaping of the plant upon unpacking it. No arranging is necessary, only minor shaping, with the way in which we package and ship our products. This product is only recommended for indoor use.