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About Us

With an eye for detail and a dedication to customer satisfaction, HOUSE OF SILK FLOWERS is a leader in the Faux Botanical Marketplace!

Our company was founded by a man who left a country rife with civil war in the 1980's.  He brought his young family to America, and worked many jobs to support them. One of his jobs included delivering products to major retailers, and he noticed the large number of faux botanicals that were in demand... his American Dream was born!

The early beginnings of this family-owned business included: designing arrangements, importing containers of product, and selling his items to other silk flower wholesale suppliers. Today, HOUSE OF SILK FLOWERS operates in a 110,000 square-foot facility in Eastern North Carolina, and employs approximately 50 full-time workers. Our company HANDCRAFTS our unique arrangements and botanical plants, for major retailers and designers throughout the country!

We pride ourselves on our attention to creating QUALITY PRODUCTS and to providing OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, and hope to be able to work with YOU to meet your business needs! A hands-on approach to running his business, guarantees your satisfaction!!