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Faux 4ft Fig Tree

$ 119.99 USD

Fig trees have a long and interesting history, showing up everywhere from the rain forests to dry climates. But, they don't always make the best choice for a houseplant. No problem! This faux fig tree comes securely "potted" in a non-decorative nursery pot (4.5" tall x 6" diameter). The tree has been arranged to allow 360-degree viewing (you won't find an unattractive side on this tree); and it even has figs! The overall dimensions are measured leaf tip to leaf tip, from the bottom of the pot to the tallest leaf tip: 48" tall x 18" diameter. Measurements are approximate, and will be determined by your final shaping of the plant upon unpacking it. No arranging is necessary, only minor shaping, with the way in which we package and ship our products. This product is only recommended for indoor use. Our unique patent pending design allows you to purchase one planter with multiple trees to change your design as your mood or the seasons changes.