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Artificial Boxwood Spiral Topiary

$ 161.99 USD

This artificial boxwood spiral topiary has been crafted with an eye for detail. The plastic leaves are realistic and natural-looking. The tree itself measures:

  • 3ft - 36" tall incliding the non-decorative "nursery" pot, 10" diameter
  • 4ft - 48" tall including the non-decorative "nursery" pot, 11" diameter
  • 5ft - 60" tall including the non-decorative "nursery" pot, 12" diameter
  • 6ft - 72" tall including the non-decorative "nursery" pot,13" diameter
Simply "plant" this topiary in your own decorative container and it becomes the perfect addition to a foyer or covered entryway (non-decorative nursery pot 6" diameter for 3ft and 4ft, 8" diameter for 5ft and 6ft). This is only recommended for indoor use or use in a covered and protected outdoor area.