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Faux Botanicals for Christmas

As summer seems like more of a distant memory and fall temperatures drop further, we approach the holiday season before we even know it. Perhaps now is a good time to consider purchasing your Christmas decoration, especially if you have family members staying with you for the holidays. Preparing for the holidays is stressful enough without having to worry about you decorations! Our faux botanical shop features many holiday plants to spruce up your place this holiday season, and we would love to highlight a few of our favorites.

Red Poinsettia/Berry/Pine Teardrop

This gorgeous Christmas arrangement is a classic addition to your Christmas collection for years to come! Sprinkled with red and gold glitter, this lovely pine bough includes glossy red berries and pine cones. This would look great on a mantle or tabletop!

Iced Phalaenopsis Orchid/Pine Wreath

This icy white wreath looks as if it were plucked from a winter wonderland! Shiny crystals adorn the orchid blooms, creating the appearance of ice crystals. This beautiful winter wreath would be perfect for your front door.

The Decorative Glittered Red Open-Tail Peacock

Perhaps you seek a less traditional and more flamboyant Christmas decoration. Nothing captures attention quite like a glittery red decorative peacock, feathers and all. Best of all, this decoration will not bite you or leave any mess in your house!

Are you in the market for both traditional and unique Christmas decorations? Check out our faux botanicals and other decorations at our silk flower store online.