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Enjoy Realistic Artificial Orchids That Require Zero Effort

Enjoy Realistic Artificial Orchids That Require Zero Effort

Orchids are a beautiful and exotic flower that makes a beautiful addition to any indoor decorating scheme. The only problem with growing orchids in your home is that they take a lot of work to keep alive.

Such a delicate, expensive flower must be watched carefully, watered consistently, and adequate humidity which can be hard to maintain in regions of the world that tend to be very dry or cold.

Luckily, House of Flowers offers a full selection of realistic artificial orchid flowers that can allow you to enjoy their unique shape and beautiful colors without all the constant worry that you might be killing them!

Keep reading to discover some more interesting facts about orchids!

  • All varieties of orchid are bilateral symmetric, which means that if you were to cut the entire flower down the middle, both sides would be identical.
  • Orchids don’t produce the same types of root systems as other flowers. Instead, they have rhizome, tuber, or even aerial roots.
  • Some orchids are parasites! Instead of producing their own food via sunlight and carbon dioxide, they obtain nutrients via fungi that live in their unusual roots.
  • Orchids aren’t just beautiful to look at! In different parts of the world, substances obtained from the orchid are used in perfumes, food flavorings, and traditional medicines.


Choose Realistic Artificial Orchids For Beauty And Convenience!


It’s very easy to overwater an orchid, which can trigger decay in its root system and ultimately kill the plant. That’s why we highly recommend choosing our realistic artificial orchid flowers instead! You can enjoy the lovely shape and appearance of this flower without all the hard work that’s normally required to keep orchids alive. Shop now!