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Buying Silk Flowers Online: The Perfect Way to Welcome Someone to Their New Home

Buying Silk Flowers Online: The Perfect Way to Welcome Someone to Their New Home

When a friend or loved one moves into their new home, it can be difficult to find a housewarming gift that suits them perfectly. In today’s blog, we take a look at why buying a silk floral arrangement from the House of Silk Flowers online store might be the best option and which housewarming presents are clichés that you should avoid.

Stay Away From These Housewarming Gifts

  • A piece of art. Art is such a personal thing and it can be hard to find the right piece for a friend or loved one even when you know what their tastes are. This is one gift that should be avoided entirely if you’re unsure of what the person you’re buying for might like. Don’t risk spending your hard earned money on a piece of art that will end up at Goodwill next week.
  • Anything that’s trendy. There’s a time and place for trends, but unless there’s a good reason, it’s probably best to avoid a trend in favor of something that’s timeless. Don’t worry so much about what’s in right now; instead, focus on purchasing a gift that will be well loved for years to come.
  • A USB wall outlet. Perhaps this falls into the “anything that’s trendy” category as well, but USB wall outlets seem to be high on the list of gifts that bloggers think people will love, whereas the truth of the matter is that most people would rather have a functioning outlet that they can plug their phone charger into.
  • A welcome mat. Nobody needs more than one welcome mat (which they’re likely to get at a housewarming party). Enough said.
  • Food. Unless you’re specifically asked to bring a certain food, consider bringing a different gift. Don’t bring something that could be hit or miss (unless, of course, you have a recipe that knocks them out of the park every single time). After all, there will probably be plenty of bags of chips and soda there already.

Our Real Looking Artificial Flowers Are Sure to Be a Hit

What’s better than a gift that will class up any house and requires little to no care? We’re sure that the recipients of such a thoughtful gift will be thrilled by your thoughtfully chosen gift. After all, couldn’t pretty much any home benefit from having a bit of outdoors brought inside? No one needs to know that they’re realistic flowers and they won’t be able to tell either!

Does it get any better than that? It turns out it does, because right now you can save up to 40% on a number of the pieces available in our new collection! Whether you’re looking for something seasonal to perfectly suit your needs this holiday season or something you can leave up year round, you’re sure to find it in the House of Silk Flowers online store!

Whether you’re purchasing silk flowers online for an upcoming housewarming party, for a Christmas gift, or for yourself, we’re sure that your purchase is something that will be enjoyed for years to come.