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What's The Best Way To Display The Silk Flowers You Buy Online?

What's The Best Way To Display The Silk Flowers You Buy Online?

You may have noticed that many of the silk flowers we sell online do not have vases or display containers included with them. This allows us to keep prices for our realistic fake flowers lower than some other providers of silk flowers.

We also find that our customers like to be able to display their silk flowers in vases or containers that they already own. In other cases, such as when flowers are being purchased for a wedding or corporate event, the need for a large number of matching display containers may arise.

Here are just a few of the beautiful containers included in our full collection of vases and planters that complement the silk flowers that you may buy from us online!

Weathered Basket

Featuring a wicker weave in a weathered grey color, this basket display container is both understated and modern. We love to point out this container because it has a plastic liner, which means you can use it for both faux or live flower arrangements.

Stoneware Planter

This lovely stoneware planter is perfect for the shorter silk flowers that you might buy from us online, like artificial succulents and bushes.

Clay Tray Vases

If you’re buying silk flowers online for a special event, like a wedding, dinner party, or corporate holiday gathering, or perhaps looking to decorate a commercial space such as a lobby or reception area, these matching clay tray vases are a perfect choice. Available in wide, shallow styles or taller cubed styles, your silk floral arrangements will really pop against the drab gray color.

House of Silk isn’t only a place to buy silk flowers online, we also have lots of beautiful container options in which you can display your realistic fake flowers...and live ones too!